• The Mens Health Foundation Pharmacy offers more to patients with the convenience of an onsite pharmacy that makes it fast and easy to fill a prescription. Our doctors work directly with the pharmacist and staff to ensure optimal health, minimizing issues and wait times.
    • Mills Clinical Research is an advocate for men’s health,wellness and disease prevention for communities impacted by obstacles to healthcare, including awareness, health literacy and access.
    • SoCal MMG puts your individual health and wellness needs first. We strive to establish a meaningful and understanding relationship with each of our patients, as we believe an open dialogue is key to reaching your wellness goals.
    • The Men’s Health Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives and health of all men, especially focusing on young men of color. We welcome gay, straight, bisexual or questioning men and transgender women.
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The Practice

A holistic healthcare facility that focuses on nutrition, exercise and wellness.

Focusing on health rather than illness, our staff seeks to immerse patients with light and positive energy.


After years of working with patients who were living unhealthy lifestyles, Dr. Mills sought to establish a medical practice devoted to holistic healthcare by focusing on nutrition, exercise and wellness. In 1999, the the practice was established with the goal of promoting healthy behaviors. As a community that encourages exercising and eating right, California has provided the perfect environment for our practice.

We have transformed from a small office to a large practice. This growth has been largely attributable to the referrals of other medical providers and satisfied patients and, as the practice continues to grow and expand, we are able to provide more services and resources to patients.

From the beginning, the ultimate goal of the SoCal Men’s Medical Group has been to provide the absolute best care possible for our patients. With so many well-trained doctors and respectable medical practices in the Los Angeles-area, we strive to be a leader in medicine through clinical excellence and a more personal style of care.