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    • Mills Clinical Research is an advocate for men’s health,wellness and disease prevention for communities impacted by obstacles to healthcare, including awareness, health literacy and access.
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Mills Clinical Research

Innovative focus on research and clinical trials to advance success in men’s healthcare initiatives.

Why Mills Clinical Research?

Mills Clinical Research is an advocate for men’s health, wellness and disease prevention for communities impacted by obstacles to healthcare, including awareness, health literacy and access. Over the past decade, Dr. Mills has been the principal investigator in over 100 clinical trials. Many of these trials have led to presentations at national and international conferences and have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Our Facilities

With 20+ years of research experience and 100 completed study protocols, the Tony Mills research team is comprised of highly qualified and trained individuals. Our staff is GCP trained and CCRP certified and, with bilingual employees, we are able to accommodate both English and Spanish speaking patients. With a dedicated recruitment and outreach staff, as well as a patient database of 15,000, we are able to proactively meet our recruitment goals.

Tony Mills Research is a member of RXTrials, SOCRA, and Society of Clinical Research (SCRS). As a forward-thinking research site, we are always looking for new ways to incorporate technology for maximum accuracy and efficiency. We are able to work with local monitors and scheduling, data verification, and datalock scenarios. Our satellite location program is in development and we are currently open for site management opportunities.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Immunology

  • Infectious Disease

  • Men’s Health

  • Cardiovascular

We offer the following sub-study capabilities:
  • Pharmacokinetics Sampling (PK)

  • Peripheral Blood Mononucleated Cell (PBMC)

  • Dexa Scan Onsite (Bone and Full Body Imagery)

Some highlights of our research facility features include:
  • Accommodations to conduct Phase I, II, III and IV studies

  • Remote Monitoring System (RMS) enabled

  • Automated Cellular Temperature Monitoring System

  • Onsite Regulatory Manager and advanced CTMS and EMR system

Your Research Team

Ronald Knight, CCRP | Mills Clinical Research | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Ronald Knight, CCRP

Research Operations Director

Working in clinical research since 1997, Ron started his career in research as clinical study coordinator. Ron’s love of helping people in need is what initially drew him to the field of research. Utilizing the science of medication, Ron believes he can help make a difference in the lives of many people and enjoys working in a career that allows him do so. Ron has been with the Tony Mills, MD team since 2006 and currently serves as Research Operations Director. He holds several research certifications, including a California State Certification in Phlebotomy and Certification in Investigator Training for Medical Research. Additionally, Ron is a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) and certified by ACRP as a Clinical Research Coordinator.

Jeff Angeli | Mills Clinical Research | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Jeff Angeli

Regulatory Manager

Jeff has been working in clinical research since he was an undergraduate. Since his college days, Jeff has been involved in a wide spectrum of research and therapeutic areas, including everything from lab research to clinical research (treatment and prevention), Sports Medicine to Men’s Health, regulatory and more. With the rise in serious health conditions, diseases and disorders, Jeff believes that there should also be a concentrated effort to increase knowledge, prevention and treatment of major health issues. This belief is what drew Jeff to the field of research as proactivity is essential to the advancement of medicine and living better lives.

Jeff Calzada | Mills Clinical Research | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Jeff Calzada

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jeff has always liked the notion of people helping people, which is what drew him to the medical field. With 17+ years of research experience, Jeff enjoys being part of an entity that is trying to make the world a healthier place to live. Why Mills Research? “I have never come across an investigator like Dr. Mills—very dedicated and also very caring and fair to his staff and patients. This office is special because of the people I work with. We are a lot more than co-workers…we’re family.”

Thank you to our existing network of sponsors and CROs. If you are a sponsor or CRO interested in working with the Tony Mills MD team, please contact us.