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SoCalMMG is devoted to delivering holistic healthcare focused on nutrition, exercise and well-being for over 15 years. Our approach goes beyond the immediate treatment of our patients through our nurturing of healthy behaviors and, ultimately, by giving our patients the structure and opportunity to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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First Man to Become HIV-Positive While on PrEP is Rare Exception

After tens of thousands of PrEP successes, the first documented case of someone becoming poz includes rare multiclass drug resistance.

It’s been nearly two years since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued historic guidelines recommending that thousands of Americans—particularly gay and bi men, transgender women, injection drug users, and partners of HIV-positive individuals—start taking Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) to prevent HIV infection.

Men’s Health Foundation thanks our community health partner, the Cigna Foundation, for awarding us with a World of Difference grant to support our efforts in improving community health, especially among young men of color.

About the Cigna Foundation

The Cigna Foundation, founded in 1962, is a private foundation funded by contributions from Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI) and its subsidiaries. The Cigna Foundation supports organizations sharing its commitment to enhancing the health of individuals and families, and the well-being of their communities, with a special focus on those communities where Cigna employees live and work.