• The Mens Health Foundation Pharmacy offers more to patients with the convenience of an onsite pharmacy that makes it fast and easy to fill a prescription. Our doctors work directly with the pharmacist and staff to ensure optimal health, minimizing issues and wait times.
    • Mills Clinical Research is an advocate for men’s health,wellness and disease prevention for communities impacted by obstacles to healthcare, including awareness, health literacy and access.
    • SoCal MMG puts your individual health and wellness needs first. We strive to establish a meaningful and understanding relationship with each of our patients, as we believe an open dialogue is key to reaching your wellness goals.
    • The Men’s Health Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives and health of all men, especially focusing on young men of color. We welcome gay, straight, bisexual or questioning men and transgender women.
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SoCalMMG is devoted to delivering holistic healthcare focused on nutrition, exercise and well-being for over 15 years. Our approach goes beyond the immediate treatment of our patients through our nurturing of healthy behaviors and, ultimately, by giving our patients the structure and opportunity to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

More Quality Time With Your Physicians | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

More Quality Time With Your Physicians

We’ve built our team of dedicated health care professionals actually care about your health and well being.


Access To Top Health Care Professionals | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Access To Top Health Care Professionals

Our rigorous selection process ensures you’re getting the best possible care and access to a hand-picked network of top specialists.


Timely Visits, Happy Patients | SoCalMMG | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Timely Visits,
Happy Patients

More than 95% of our appointments start on time or early.


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Our goal is to provide quality healthcare that is accessible to everyone, so regardless of your coverage contact us to find out how we can help.

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